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MAD (Mandibular Adjustment Device); New Tech
Topic Started: Oct 10 2007, 10:30 PM (1,912 Views)
Finally Sleeping
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Hello all, I'm new here as you can probably tell. I was diagnosed with OSA 2 years ago. Although it was hard to get used to wearing a mask, I cannot bear to be without it. I love to camp and backpack, and found my self searching the web for alternatives - including surgery. I ran across another message board in which someone had posted information about the MAD device. From what I understand, it's a simple device worn much like a mouthpiece, as a boxer or football player would wear, and it works by shifting the position of your jaw forward. That's all I really know about it. I have already contacted my dentist and, while familiar with it, he wants to experiment with it on me, at a reduced cost (I hope!). I guess my questions are: Can anyone elaborate on the effectiveness of this device? Anyone using one right now? While the CPAP is nice, it cannot be hauled along on a 4-5 day hiking excursion. If this device operates as advertised, then I'm all for it. Any suggestions and information will be graciously accepted. Thanks!
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FWIW, i tried that device. I saw the recommended dentist; he fabricated a device with a screw
that moves the device as needed. The thing was ridiculously expensive and my (also expensive)
refused to pay some $800, although the dentist had assured they would pay all.

In addition, the tiny tinny screw breaks off. When i took it back to the dentist, the nurse
spent a minute or replacing it, and i was charged $90 for the service!

When i told the dentist that the device did not seem to make any difference, he shouted that
i had a sleep disorder, not OSA. The thing is, it might well have helped my apnea episodes, but
you would have to get another sleep study to verify that. Some of us have far fewer apnea episodes as proven by the readouts, but still awaken exhausted. It doesn't seem fair or
logical, but treating the apnea is not a preventative against waking up just as tired as ever.

When i take the A-Pap to my home medical device company, the readout shows a great
diminution of OSA. I wonder if that leaves sleep awakenings--whatever they are-- as the
culprit, because the machine does not record those. Does anyone else know about that?

Please share what you know.

Thank you,
Janet :huh:
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I just wanted to add that I have been using a dental device for my mild apnea and snoring for about 2 years now. I am very pleased with and also. I fought CPAP off anf on for 3 years before I founf a good sleep Dr and he set me up with the device. I know it is not for everyone, but it is an option that will work for others also. My insurance company paid for all but about $150 of it. The device is classified and durable medical equipment under your medical insurance plan. I am enclosing 2 links for everyone to check out for further information. Hope this helps..sleep well..Chris

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Laura MAS
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There are so many different Mandibular devices available for purchase and they are not all as effective as one another; nor do they have the same level of quality research to support their efficacy.

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